A world class web experience your customers will love!


Our expert strategist will work with you though a 1 on 1 advisory session to built your world class website.



Your first step to build your world class website starts with strategy.

This is where our experts will help you to develop and fine tune your digital strategy, branding, and brand positioning to increase sales, reach new customers and transform your business.

Request your advisory now and get started!


World class design to incorporate strong branding, deliver
unique value proposition focused on delivering “uber” like
customer experience and incorporating modern UI design.

Your website is then custom developed by top class
developers using intellectual property developed over 15 years
to ensure the design is delivered to international accepted
quality standards so your customers build instant trust and
credibility of your business.

While we do all the above, we will get you working on getting
us some valuable content based on the strategy developed in
step 1. You know your business and its vision better than
anyone else and this is what we draw from.


Your website is now ready to launch, you give us the
nod and it will be ready for you to share with the world,
to view and trade with you.

It is your business identity online, it is not just a website,
or an electronic brochure, it is a place for business to be
done online. You can now also work with our experts to do
your marketing strategy to let your ideal customers know
about your existence.

Build your strategy around social media, email marketing, search
marketing, networking and other plans. Everything done with
clear priorities.


Small businesses we helped stand out from the crowd


"Easy-Pay" over 18 months in fortnightly payments

  • Solopreneur

    A high quality and professional web solution for the smart solopreneur business

    Strong online presence that will help your business achieve its goals


    Long page concept

    Web strategy & Goal setting

    Customer buying journey

    Brand positioning

    Strong online branding

    Designed to embody brand, strategy & USP

    3-4 weeks from strategy to website launch

    Included in the package*


    Ideal for the established small business wanting a modern professional web solution

    Strong online brand presence and website to take your business to the next level


    design elements

    All features of Solopreneur website package
    Extensive web strategy

    Advanced UX

    Advanced online brand positioning

    Customised Web Solution

    Keyword cluster strategy for enhanced SEO

    Up to 10 pages

    excl GST


    A stand out web solution for entrepreneurs of established and start-up businesses

    Superior online brand presence for sustainable growth and achievement of business goals


    design elements

    All features of platinum website package
    Designed by senior creative designer

    Business model refinement

    Competitive strategy

    Blog Module

    Mail chimp Integration

    Up to 15 Pages

    excl GST

  • Innovation Suite

    The ultimate digital solution for accelerating your growth with expert guidance for marketing & tech support

    Innovation and Digital transformation for smart visionary entrepreneurs


    Solutions Focus

    All features of Platinum Plus website package
    Human Centred Design Solution

    Ideation and Prototyping

    MVP Build / E-Commerce store

    Payment integration (Stripe + Paypal)

    Up to 30 pages

    excl GST


    6 x 1 hour, monthly sessions of expert marketing guidance

    Website Launch Promo ($500 worth advertising)

    Retarget Advertising for 6 months

    12 months priority tech support


All plans include the best features to empower your business.
  • World Class User Experience

    Impatient users give up on websites
    that are difficult to use. We create
    sites by focusing on a world class user experience

  • Custom Designed

    Your brand essence, strategy and unique value proposition is embodied in the design and layout by world class designers.

  • Mobile Optimization

    50% of searches are done by mobile
    devices. A mobile responsive website
    will be able to tap into this segment
    of potential customers

  • Self-Editable Website

    Save time and money on updates monthly, weekly or even daily and update independently anytime and from anywhere.

  • Call to Action for Visitors

    Your site will motivate visitors to take
    action and help build your prospect

  • Highly Secured

    Over 37,000 websites are hacked
    daily, but we will secure your site and
    protect via best possible methods

  • Search Engine Friendly

    Your website will pass the first page test
    in Google for strategically targeted
    keywords so that your prospective
    customers can find you online.

  • Setup for Growth

    Your new website will have the ability to grow with your business. Add functionalities, pages, payment system, anything that will help you grow your business and impress your potential clients.

  • Training & Support

    We provide training on updating your website content easily and independently with no technical skill needed.


Just leave a message and we'll get back to you soon. Easy!

1300 10 8880 | [email protected]


  • Custom design
  • Expert advice
  • No hidden fees
  • No upfront payment
  • Responsive mobile friendly design
  • Easy to update websites
  • Great value - Full websites starting from just $35/week

All prices are subject to GST at applicable rates and are in Australian dollars. (GST is applicable to Australian customers only).
Payments is via direct debit and will be made fortnightly over an 18 month period.
You will receive 90 days of post-sales support free of charge for any technical defects of your website.
Due to the flexibility of this platform, you are able to add features and functionality as per below (see “Want more”) as your business grows. Any additions not listed below will be separately costed and sent to you for approval.
Success of plans are dependent on extensive cooperation by customers.
Above plans are subject to change without notice.
* MVP workflow is based on strategy session
* Does not include complex ecommerce payments
* Enhanced security measures to provide protection to all clients yet no guarantees are provided.

Please read NetStripes standard terms & conditions before confirmation


Check out our available Add-Ons
    • PayPal integration A ready-made way to accept PayPal payment on your website. (up to 5 products/services) $15/week or $850 excl GST
    • Credit card payment All the major credit cards securely for your business payments. (up to 5 products/services) $15/week or $850 excl GST
    • Live chat Engage with your website visitors to offer instant assistance. $5/week or $295 excl GST
    • Blog integration Provide unique content to your customers and increase webiste traffic. $9/week or $580 excl GST
    • Website search function Make it easier for your visitors to find the informaton they want. $5/week or $295 excl GST
    • Booking form Take reservations from your website with powerful booking forms. $5/week or $295 excl GST
    • Interactive booking system with calendar integration Get a highly interactive system where you can take bookings from your clients and get them connected straight away to your calendar. No more manual work. $15/week or $725 excl GST
    • Floating social media icons Collect many followings and fans from a prominent social media positions on your site. $5/week or $295 excl GST
    • Conversion focus pop-up Start building powerful database by collecting details of your ideal clients. $5/week or $295 excl GST


Every time you recommend a friend you get 4 weeks of the value of the package they sign up to in NetCash. Your website then just pays for its self!


  • They get their business branded strongly and professionally on the web.

  • Get started on digital acceleration of their business.

  • Free entry to Digital Bootcamp  (Valued at $1000)

  • 4 hours of free digital strategy advisory (Valued at $2000)

Integrations to Spur your growth

Find the specialised software that’s right for your business.
Choose from inventory management, invoicing, time tracking and more.


Call us now at 1300 10 8880 or by email at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are NetStripes websites so affordable ?

We believe world class web solutions must be affordable and accessible to small businesses and start ups. With this vision in mind we have created several ground breaking innovations to achieve outcomes of extreme, affordability, quality and timeliness. These innovations have been created over a period of more than 36 months using over 15 years of intellectual property. We want small businesses and start ups to market themselves confidently online like big businesses do.

Are there hidden charges ?

There are no hidden charges, we have helped hundreds of clients with our services.
You may request additions to all the standard packages as you grow and these will be quoted to you up front before you proceed to ensure no surprises to you as a customer.

How is it that NetStripes are able to complete your websites so fast ?

Several ground breaking innovations we have created over a period of 36 months, using over 15 years of intellectual property have enabled us to bring together - not just speed but high quality, great branding and affordability to small business clients.

Is hosting included in these packages ?

Hosting is included in the solopreneur package up to 1 GB of storage. For all other packages you may use your own hosting arrangements or we can recommend a reliable and cost effecting hosting provider(s).

How long are the weekly payments plans / contract:

This is really not a weekly contract, we are allowing our customers to pay in instalments over a period of time. Many business owners have told us they find paying upfront tough so these plans are aimed at easing that burden. Our customers can now pay as they grow.

You pay a set up fee (which is one week's instalment) on confirmation of your order and then you pay equal instalments for 18 months thereafter.

What happens after the 18 months ?

At the end of the 18 months for those on a solopreneur package all you do is to pay $19.99 per month or $200 per annum which is the cost of your hosting. This covers most websites since it provides you 1GB of storage. Clients with other packages also pay for only their annual hosting fee.

How do we pay weekly:

It will be based on simple direct debit system. It takes approximately 3 minutes of your time to set up once done, you are debited each month for you monthly amount. This saves you time as you don't have the hassle of paying monthly and we save on having to invoice and following up on payments. All we need from you is to allocate the money so we get paid each week :-)

Are these website built on templates or themes ?

This is an emphatic No. Templates and themes significantly limit a businesses flexibility when they need to make the changes required in design and strategy as their businesses change and evolve. We believe a business must have the flexibility to make the changes required when ever needed, and have the flexibility to add on functionality as you grow without any limitations. Templates and themes are often too limiting and do not provide this flexibility required.

Backup and software updates do you do these for us :

Yes on the solopreneur package. Please advice us if you would like us to do these for you on the other packages we can help you do this affordably.

How do know NetStripes will do a good job:

Firstly you have the assurance of a money back gurantee for 30 days from your order.
Besides we NetStripes innovations have helped customers from numerous industries to build a strong and credible web presence and take their businesses branding to just another level. You may go through our portfolio and testimonials for more information.

Why should I not try to do a DIY website or get a freelance to build one?

Research shows this is not a good way to go about it and a major reason 78% of Aussie small business websites have poor web design amongst a host of other issues.

It is a fact that no one person has the multitude of skills required to build a web presence with the right strategy, with strong branding, and to achieve the user experience standards demanded by customers in today's digital world.

The must have skills to build a successful web presence

1) A strategist who understand business and digital is crucial
2) A world class designer - to deliver upon the strategy, the branding and user experience customer demand these days - great designers are usually creative folk who understand business and web design in particular.
3) Top class developer, these are usually your geeks who can transform the design into a world class web presence. Other skills you need are
4) Quality assurance throughout the process, as customers demand certain minimum standards from companies they deal with today.
5) Project management, so your web project will be completed to budget and within 2-5 weeks so it doesn't take 6-12 months and it doesn't cost you a bomb as a result. The bigger issue of taking 6-12 months is that your business requirements often change by then.
With the NetStripes solutions you get all the expertise above. It is about "Doing it once and doing it well"

What is the importance of strategy to build a successful web presence ?

Strategy is fundamentally important to succeed online. This is where we got to make sure we build a unque selling proposition(USP) for our business so we can stand apart from the thousands of other providers like us. Building your USP is super important. We got to re look at our customer strategy and make sure we know clearly which customers we should focus on, who are our ideal customers. "Everyone who pays" is not a good customer strategy. What are the core products / services whould we focus on, what is our strategy here? should we do some simple automation of our business to make it innovative for custoners. Are there areas of our business model we must refine. These are the conversations to have with a strategist. These are vitally important to online sucesss. All the successful businesses get this stuff right. Other unfortunately don't.

Why do you need a world class design :

Only a world class designer is able to ensure your strategy, your unique selling propostion and your branding is embodied in the design. Your customers also expect great user experience(UX) and all this is part of good design and its called UX design. Your must get your UX design right. Customers also expect the same experiencewhen they come to your businesses presence on the web as they are used to when they deal with other great online businesses - this delivers trust and credibility. Put your self as a customer and you will know the importance of the experience you expect when you deal with businesses. You may buy in store or online but you expect a great experience online and you will only deal with them if you can trust them. Design is a big part of establishing that trust.

Can I add features and functionality as I grow:

Certainly, with NetStripes you get a platform that you can grow with your business. You can add functionality like payment option, chat options, blog modules and lots of other similar options. Best part is you only add them as you need them and as your business is at the right stage to invest. We will always have the cost of most additions online and for any that are not you can always get a quote from us before you make a decision.

How do I get some guidance on what I need to do before and after I launch my website:

We help you here. The NetStripes system is such that, you are not left to hanging to work it all yourself. Our system provides you with handholding to guide you on what needs to be done to promote your business and your web presence. This is a service that is free of charge to our customers who register for it. We call this "Pre and post launch System". The system send you a daily email guiding you on what you should do on a daily basis. It is designed in a away each daily activity does not take you more than 20-30 minutes.

Can I integrate the NetStripes web solutions with Mail chimp, my CRM etc :

NetStripes integrates with most popular, CRM, mail solutions, invoicing systems, payment platforms. See under integrations for more.

Can you help me to with my social media strategy and actually doing it.

Yes, NetStripes strategist help hundreds of clients with their social media strategy and to build social media presence and engagement.
email [email protected] and ask for social media strategy

Can you help me to with my email marketing strategy and to implement a solution.

Yes certainly. Again as per social media strategy the NetStripes strategist help hundreds of clients with their email marketing strategy and can assist to build email marketing for your business. We have plans that you can outsource to us or we can guide you to set up and manage your own.
email [email protected] and ask for email marketing.

I have been with WIX and have been struggling to get the right design can you help?

NetStripes have several clients who have been with similar platforms. We are able to easily transfer your content to our system but build you a brand new web presence that confidently reflects your brand and expertise to the right strategy. email [email protected] transfer from xxxxxx to NetStripes

I have already spent on my website but it is not delivering results what are my options

Firstly there are several reasons why a website is not delivering results. It could be due to

1) Poor design
2) Incorrect strategy
3) Absence of clear service offering
4) Poor user experience
5) Lack of mobile readiness
6) Speed and the list goes on. There are 12 elements on a website we believe you need to get right. If you don't nail at least 11 of them nothing really happens.

Your options are these.

1) Work with your current provider to improve you web presence, however if they already couldn't help you the first time, the chances are throwing more money to get a better results with the same people may not be the best idea
2) NetStripes certainly can sit with you to work out other possible of options of understanding the issues of your website, and finding best way to move forward using your existing content and presenting your business in the best possible way to customers and prospects.
email : [email protected] Subject - Improve current web presence.

How do I make changes to the content and images etc.

NetStripes solution has been designed to make it extremely easy for your to add new content, make changes to content as you please. You can easily upload new photos, video etc

To whom will you not recommend the Solopreneur package.

This package is ideal for non technical entrepreneurs. Hence If you are technical type and want to manage the technicalities of the website this is not package for you. It is also hosted by NetStripes for your convenience and if you are of the type that want it hosted in your own servers choose one of the other web packages offered by us.

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