A comprehensive program to deliver awareness and deep insights of what’s required to succeed in the digital world.


What we’ll be covering

Comprehensive program to deliver awareness and deep insights of what’s required to succeed in the digital world

This bootcamp is to help you take these concepts head on. In just two half day sessions you will have a transformational experience to the digital world.


Business Connect is a dedicated and personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help you start or grow your small business.

NetStripes provides confidential, independent business advise and skills training for small and medium business across NSW as The Specialist Digital Services Provider of the NSW Government’s Business Connect program.

Day 1

Half-day session | 5 hours

  • Small Business Digital Readiness 2.5 hours

    Understand what it takes to build a strong digital presence. Learn how to become a digitally ready business in fastest possible time within a small business budget.

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    Small Business Digital Readiness

    Key Concepts Covered

    – You will learn and be inspired by a leading authority on digital readiness and innovation for small business.

    – What is digital readiness for small business and why is it so important.

    – Important aspects of digital readiness. The do’s and the don’ts.

    – The six traps small businesses must avoid to achieve digital readiness.

    – The 4 Steps in achieving digital engagement of your prospective customers.

    – How to build a roadmap to achieve digital readiness.

  • Customer Personas & Buying Cycle 2.5 hours

    Understand who our ideal customers are, their needs, their buying behaviour, the way they buy, what they look for and how.

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    Customer Personas & Buying Cycle

    For whom:

    This is a must attend workshop for every small business owner and startup. It will help you save years of messing around by trial and error.

    Key Concepts Covered

    – Importance of customer personas

    – Understanding your customers buying cycle

    – 3 ways to develop customer personas

    – Strategising based on your customer buying cycle.

    – Converting customer needs into products and services based on personas and their buying cycle.

    This is a two and a half hour workshop which will help small business owners and startups to understand their customers better in order to fulfil their needs.

    One of the most important success factors for any business is to understand: who our ideal customers are, their needs, their buying behaviour, the way they buy, what they look for and how. As businesses, we can serve them and build trust and loyalty way before they start checking online for products or services.

    Learn what the big businesses do from one of the authorities on Small Business innovation and digital readiness, CEO of NetStripes, Dinesh De Silva, on “Succeeding online” by understanding your ‘Customer Buying Cycle & Customer Personas’.

    Join this interactive session where you can ask questions and meet other like-minded business owners and startups.

  • 30 minutes break

  • Learn winning formula
  • Best Practice approach
  • Develop deep insights

Day 2

Half-day session | 5 hours

  • Design Thinking & Lean Start Up 2.5 hours

    Through a series of market testing entrepreneurs can now find out cheaply without massive investment of time, money and effort, which business ideas work and which don’t. Learn more

    Design Thinking & Lean Startup

    For whom:

    This is for startups and established businesses who are looking for the recipe to create rapid and lasting demand for their products and services.

    Key Concepts Covered

    – Innovation principles for every business
    – 4 Priorities & 4 characteristics of the best innovators in the world
    – Design thinking & lean startup model to bulletproof your business
    – Validation board: Principles and Practice

    Two and a half hour workshop to understand a very important concept for any business, established or startup on how best to become an agile, innovative business.

    You will also be introduced to validation board which is vital to convert your business idea into a tested product or service within
    a week and also removes any incorrect assumptions from your business model which can be damaging. It is based on testing
    assumptions businesses make and failing the wrong assumptions as fast as possible. This is so our businesses and startup ideas can succeed in quick time as opposed ending up with little or no success after months of hard work floating in deep competitive waters.

    We will also discuss how to use the all-important “validation board” in testing these assumptions and our customer’s markets. You will have a clear platform for setting priorities to successfully innovate.

  • Growth Hacking for Small Business 2.5 hours

    Understand a variety of marketing channels and multiple strategies to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow a business. Learn more

    Growth Hacking

    For whom:

    Ideal for business who are serious about growing their customer base using some of the most innovative and
    affordable techniques available through technology.

    Key Concepts Covered

    – What is growth hacking and why it is must for every small business?
    – Growth hacking strategies for small businesses
    – Growth hacking for startups
    – 5 ways to achieve viral growth

    A two and a half hour workshop for any business that is serious about growth.

    Growth hacking a widely used process by successful businesses for rapid experimentation across marketing channels and multiple strategies to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow a business.

    The concept is based on combining marketing knowledge with technology, product development and data analytics to create a system to achieve viral growth.

    We will also discuss how to get started, to decide on strategies and measure it.

  • 30 minutes break



Business Connect - Subsidised cost: $99

incl GST

Limited tickets available so get in quick!


A few words from our customers.


Dinesh De Silva, Founder of NetStripes, is a leading authority on Small Business Innovation and Digital Readiness.

His current passion is to help small businesses throughout Australia grow their businesses by conquering the world of innovation and digital strategy which he believes can change the course of small business in this country.

As a thought leader in innovation & digital readiness he is regularly called upon as a speaker and panelist and addresses several thousand businesses each year. Recent media appearances include ABC News, Sky Business, BRW, AFR.

Dinesh counts over 15 years of providing strategic direction & leadership from tech startups to public listed businesses in the Australian and Asia Pacific region.

He has functioned as a board director of several businesses. An MBA and a Bachelors Degree in Computing underpin a solid foundation of what’s required in growing businesses and people.

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