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Strategy Session

What is a Strategy Session?
A strategy session is a one-on-one session with two experienced strategists to help small business owners gain a perfectly optimised strategy for their business to win customers online, clarify the business model, build competitive advantage and more. Learn more about the strategy session here.
Why do I need to get into one?
If you're currently in the stage where you want your business to win more customers online, or simply want to get your business to the next level, you definitely need to come to one of our Strategy Sessions. See what other people say about it here.
How long will the Strategy Session take?
The session will last for about 1 hour. Yes, 1 hour, and not days... Learn more about the Strategy Session here.
Where and when will the Strategy Session be?
The Strategy Session will take place in our office, Level 3, 55 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Pyrmont. Alternatively, the Strategy Session can be done through conference call if you are not able to reach our office.
How much the Strategy Session cost?
Get the early bird price for only $99. Order now here.
How can I register to a Strategy Session?
You can book your Strategy Session through here.
Can I get my money back if I'm not happy with the session?
Yes you can. If you’re not satisfied by the end of the session, simply let us know and we will refund you in full, no questions asked.


Why do I need a website?
Website is the foundation of your business' digital presence. When you don't have a website or don't have a proper one, you make it difficult for your target customers to find you and get into business with you. Learn more about the website here.
Why should I trust NetStripes with my website?
It's simply because we know what we're talking about and our first step always starts with a perfectly optimised strategy. Still we are not just technical people; we are also a bunch of experienced professionals that not only help small businesses build their digital presence, but also to build it the right way. We have helped countless small businesses in various industries to get their strategy right and win online. You can hear more about our clients here. With NetStripes, we will work together with you to ensure you not only get the website of your dreams but that it also brings the results you deserve. You will attain maximum digital presence and be better equipped than ever to win more customers online. Learn more about NetStripes here.
I already have a website, can you redo or upgrade it instead of creating it from the scratch?
Yes we can, however it is important to understand that the cost of upgrading the site and creating it from the beginning could be the same if not more expensive. The reason for this is because every website that we build is strategy focused, which could require the same amount of resources as creating it from scratch. To learn more about this, please contact us.
Can I update my website independently after it's launched by NetStripes?
You absolutely can. NetStripes is using one of the most advanced backend technologies that enable the most non-technical person to edit the content independently and easily after the site is launched.
How much will a website cost?
See our pricing here.
If i'm interested, how can I start?
Call us on 1800 10 8880 or contact us online.
Can NetStripes help me fix if some issues occur after the site is launched?
We will be happy to help. Learn more about our Support Pack here or contact us online for more information.

Subscription Plan - Website

Why do NetStripes website look cheap are there hidden charges?
There are no hidden charges, we have helped hundreds of clients with our services. The main reason for the extreme affordability of NetStripes packages are due to ground breaking technology and process innovations NetStripes have created using over 15 years of intellectual property so small businesses can market themselves online like big businesses do. You may request additions to all the standard packages as you grow and these will be quoted to you up front before you proceed to ensure no surprises to you as a customer.
Is hosting included in these packages?
Hosting is included in the solopreneur package up to 1 GB of storage. For all other packages you may use your own hosting arrangements or we can recommend a reliable and cost effecting hosting provider(s).
Are these website built on templates or themes?
This is an emphatic No. Templates and themes significantly limit a businesses flexibility when they need to make the changes required in design and strategy as their businesses change and evolve. We believe a business must have the flexibility to make the changes required when ever needed, and have the flexibility to add on functionality as you grow without any limitations. Templates and themes are often too limiting and do not provide this flexibility required.
Backup and software updates do you do these for us?
Yes on the solopreneur package. Please advice us if you would like us to do these for you on the other packages we can help you do this affordably.
How do I trust NetStripes will do a good job?
Firstly you have the assurance of a money back gurantee for 30 days from your order. Besides we NetStripes innovations have helped customers from numerous industries to build a strong and credible web presence and take their businesses branding to just another level. You may go through our portfolio and testimonials for more information.
Why should I not try to do a DIY website or get a freelance to build one?
To build a web presence that helps you win customers which is so important for any business today. It is a fact that no one person has the skills to do so. Unfortunately the reason why nearly 80% of small businesses in Australia have failed to get proper digital engagement with customers is because most web sites have been built by either the business owner, friend or a free lancer. Unfortunately no once person can have all the skills required resulting in poor web deisgn.
The skills you need for building your web presence are as follows 1) Strategist who understand business and digital 2) World class designer - as customer expect great user experience and design these days - good designers are usually creative folk, and they are not the best people to develop as developers are usually geeks. Hence the need for a 3) Top class developer who can transform the design into a world class web presence other skills you need are 4) Quality assurance as customers certain minimum standards for companies they deal with 5) Project management so your web project will be completed to budget and within 3-5 weeks so it doesn't take 6-12 months, it doesn't cost you a bomb as a result and often in 6-12 months your business has changed.
Why is a strategist important for to build a successful web presence?
Strategy is fundamentally important to succeed online. This is where we got to make sure we build a unique selling proposition(USP) for our business so we can stand apart from the thousands of other providers like us. Building your USP is super important. We got to re look at our customer strategy and make sure we know clearly which customers we should focus on, who are our ideal customers. "Everyone who pays" is not a good customer strategy. What are the core products / services whould we focus on, what is our strategy here? should we do some simple automation of our business to make it innovative for custoners. Are there areas of our business model we must refine. These are the conversations to have with a strategist. These are vitally important to online sucesss. All the successful businesses get this stuff right. Other unfortunately don't.
Why do you need a world class design?
Only a world class designer is able to ensure your strategy, your unique selling proposition and your branding is embodied in the design. Your customers also expect great user experience(UX) and all this is part of good design and its called UX design. Your must get your UX design right. Customers also expect the same experience when they come to your businesses presence on the web as they are used to when they deal with other great online businesses - this delivers trust and credibility. Put your self as a customer and you will know the importance of the experience you expect when you deal with businesses. You may buy in store or online but you expect a great experience online and you will only deal with them if you can trust them. Design is a big part of establishing that trust.
How long is the monthly contract?
This is really not a monthly contract, we are allowing our customers to pay in installments over a period of time. Many have told us they don't have the cash to pay upfront. We have created a system to help these customers who prefer to pay as they grow. Hence you pay 1 intstallement on confirmation of your order and then pay equal instalments for 18 months thereafter.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?
Learn more about SEO here.
When can I see the SEO results?
SEO is not an exercise that shows the results overnight. It takes a lot of research and time to get the website listed on the first page and depending on the industry and the product but the end results are worth the wait.
Do you guarantee to increase my sales?
NetStripes helps you to increase the visibility of your company, to increase the traffic on your website, to get engagement on social media and to help you ensure your website connects with potential customers and visitors. NetStripes through its strategy offers your business better growth prospects, capitalizing on all this and converting them into sales through good products and good selling is the job of the small business.
How much will the SEO package cost?
Learn more about SEO pricings here.
If i'm interested, how can I start?
You can book the SEO package online here.

Social Media

What exactly will I get in Social Media marketing package with NetStripes?
Check out our Social Media packages to learn more
What do I gain from Social Media Marketing?
Social Media Marketing gives you a platform to widen your market and better target your ideal customer as well as offering a bigger market for your business. This can get you engagement and eventually prospects that can be converted into sales. Click here to learn more.
How much will the Social Media package cost?
Check out our Social Media packages and pricings here.
If i'm interested, how can I start?
You can book the Social Media package online here.

Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?
Email Marketing gives you an opportunity to stay on top of the minds of the potential customers provided it is done in the right way, this can be an effective tool to market your business. Click here to learn more
How much will the Email Marketing package cost?
Check out our Email Marketing packages and pricing here.
If i'm interested, how can I start?
You can book the Email Marketing package online here.


What is Bizruption?
Bizruption is an event for small business owners, technologist, startups and investors to connect, communicate and innovate. Click here to learn more about Bizruption
Why should I come to Bizruption?
Because this event is all about you! Check out the benefits you will get here.
When would be the next Bizruption?
Check out the coming Bizruption on our Bizruption page
What do I need to bring to Bizruption?
Yourself and lots of business cards since you will meet heaps of people!
I’m having trouble registering – how can I get help?
Call us on 1800 10 8880 or email to [email protected]

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