Success Story: Pascal Maier from Volkswurst Posted on Mar 18, 2019

Read Volkswurst Pascal Maier’s story on how Netstripes’ 1-on-1 advisory transformed his business results.

When Pascal came to Netstripes and met the Digital Strategist for his first advisory, business was at its early stages. Pascal wanted to test the concept but didn’t know how to do it. He was also keen to know the right ways to market and develop the digital presence and how to turn a food truck business take advantage of the digital world in becoming a profitable business.

NetStripes advisor helped test the concept via a Human Centered Design approach with minimal investment of time with zero research costs. Pascal then used the Validation Board, a lean startup method to test the concept. NetStripes also trained Pascal and his partner on digital marketing tools including SEO and social media that drew people to their website. As a result, they have grown their business and managed to buy a new food truck to meet the demands and hired casual and part-time staff.

“Thank you NSW Government for providing a priceless service to the small business owners. It really transformed our business results” – Pascal

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